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Join advantage

Eight big advantage


1. Powerful OMI Omi brand support
OMI Omega fast fashion women's bag decoration brand, with a large number of styles, fast loading, evaluation of fast-moving business model, welcomed by consumers.
2, unified terminal image
Free terminal image design, uniform props production, standardized construction drawings to ensure efficient and scientific space image.
3, strong marketing support
The three-dimensional promotion and marketing will be formed by mobile internet, VIP management, TV, outdoor advertising, LED visual display advertising, bus, model catwalk, time-limited discount, and interactive promotion to help franchisees improve their performance.
4, new store opening support
Opening activity planning, on-site support of senior staff, follow-up operation guidance, opening staff training, etc., opening goods distribution and colorful promotional gift distribution.
5, staff training support
The company's proven training system provides continuous learning and support for employee growth.
6, monthly support for goods management
A monthly product operation support meeting to help franchisees create 12 months of uninterrupted good performance.
7, VIP management support
National networked VIP customer management system, colorful VIP value-added rewards activities.
8. Franchisee growth plan
Assist in joining the development strategy, sort out its own advantages, strengthen the regional market, and effectively support the continued growth of franchisees.