Brand story

Brand story

OMI, We ·Love

In the process of every girl's growing up, whether it is going out to

study, entering the workplace, or marrying a wife or a new mother,
there is no lack of the companionship of bag.
In a sense, it is a fashion weapon to express the true self and

show personal taste, and it is also an important item

no less than clothing.
OMI, founded by Omei couples who grew up in southern Fujian,

originated in Xiamen, a beautiful heron island.
Beautiful scenery, clear water and sand-white island style has given

the brand a unique style and connotation,and has developed into

a mature fashion luggage retail brand
which integrates design, operation and sales.
OMI is the synonym of simplicity, youth and vitality. It has OMI and

an enchanting beauty.

    ,We ·Love

Family story

Mother mind,
bit by bit of


Mother mind,bit by bit of warmth

When I was young, the most memorable memory was probably the

cloth bag that my mother had stitched.
Put all your favorite candy, scorpions and sandbags into it, and on

the way to school, you will be strewn with a string of silver bells.
The dense stitches and the five-pointed star on the cloth bag are not only the warmest memories of the whole childhood,
but also the mother's deepest love and expectation for us.
That simple cloth bag, accompanied us all the way.
Warm family, is an earnest expectation, kind mother's heart,

infiltrating your heart!



Green years,
happy hour

Green years,happy hour

On the campus time of the lush, in addition to class, it is to play with the sisters Amoy, talk about the sky, linger in the dazzling lattice, and rush back a piece of clothes and bags.
The green grass is blooming, the flowers are blooming, and the time of youth is fixed in a bright smile.
The same style, always do not forget to buy two, the graffiti on the

surface is the memory of youth, but also the embellishment of

That simple packet, maybe it is not expensive, but it is precious.
Innocent friendship is the resonance of the soul, happy hours,

enough for your life to remember!

Love story

Watching for life,
by one life

During the sweet love period, there are always a lot of touching

plots, from the first gift between each other, to the first hand after

the quarrel,and then to the dazzling wedding box on the day

of the ceremony.
Identity is constantly switching, love, but always runs through it.
The blooming fireworks, the vows under the light, and the diamond

rings exchanged with each other are the determination of two

people to join hands in life.
Those festive wedding boxes carry the expectations of each girl for

future life.
Strong love is the mutual progress of each other,

but also the watch of life, the companion of the world!

Watching for life,

accompaniedby one life



quality heritage

Craftsmanship, quality heritage

Twenty years of craftsmanship, two thousand people's dedication,

two generations of quality inheritance,

just to make a hand to impress your handbag with details.
Romance and elegance coexist, simplicity and fashion are

accompanied by the quality of the urban hipsters.
The pursuit of natural and environmentally friendly ideas and

high-quality cultural life, advocating fashion trends, emphasis on

spiritual life and artistic aesthetics.
OMI Omi has always focused on making the perfect fashion handbag for you. OMI, only for you, only you!
May the world be more beautiful!

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